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Is Fluoride Bad for You? Or Is Adding Fluoride to Water A Good Thing?

Is Fluoride Bad for You? Or Is Adding Fluoride to Water A Good Thing?


Adding fluoride in water is a standard follow in lots of nations, together with the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The aim is to scale back tooth decay. However does it assist? And are there any risks you have to be involved about?

Introduction and Editor’s Notes by Ocean Robbins

Two-thirds of all People are consuming water with added fluoride. Is that a good factor, or a nasty factor?

Proponents of water fluoridation level out that, in accordance to the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention, consuming fluoridated water reduces tooth decay and cavities by about 25% in youngsters and adults.

The fluoridation of consuming water has been endorsed by the American Medical Affiliation and the World Well being Group. A spokesperson for the American Dental Affiliation has even stated that each greenback invested in water fluoridation by a group saves $38 in dental prices. Consequently, many individuals, together with a lot of the medical group, assume the fluoridation of our water provide is a completely useful factor to do.

However there’s one other, darker aspect to this story. Fluorosis is a defect in tooth enamel, brought on by ingesting an excessive amount of fluoride in childhood. It causes brown splotches and mottling of the tooth. The Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention tells us that 41% of our adolescents in the present day have fluorosis.

We will see our youngsters’s tooth. We will see the brown and discolored splotches which might be the telltale indicators of fluorosis. However what about elements of our our bodies that we will’t see? What’s fluoride doing to our thyroid glands, to our brains, to our nervous techniques, and to our hormones?

Research have discovered that fluoride is a neurotoxin and an endocrine disruptor. Might the spots on almost half of our youngsters’s tooth be warning us of additional injury?

There’s a specific amount of topical publicity to fluoride that may forestall cavities. However with the addition of fluoride to the water provide, there isn’t a management of the extent of publicity that youngsters and adults will obtain. Individuals have died from acute fluoride poisoning from public water provides. In the meantime, many scientists at the moment consider that fluoride’s main profit to tooth comes, not from ingestion, however from topical software to the surface of the tooth.

Critics of water fluoridation say that widespread sense and customary decency inform us not to use the general public water provide to ship any drugs. With most different drugs, it’s the affected person, not the physician and positively not the federal government, who will get to select whether or not or not to take a medicine. With the addition of a drugs to our water provide, that proper is taken away.

Critics of water fluoridation additionally level out that most western nations have rejected institutionalized fluoridation, with out any detrimental results on their tooth. And there’s proof that the incidence of many types of most cancers rises with water fluoridation.

The article under, written by Brian Bienkowski, tells of some current research that recommend that the fluoridation of our water provides could also be hurting us greater than we’ve realized…

Little girl drinking a glass of tap water

Three new research hyperlink fluoride publicity to ADHD and thyroid issues — and level to consuming water as the most important supply of publicity.

By Brian Bienkowski • A model of this text was initially revealed on Environmental Well being Information

Two research — one from Canada and one Mexico — launched on October 10th, 2018, level to potential well being issues from fluoride, which, in a majority of U.S. communities, is purposefully added to consuming water to shield individuals’s tooth.

The Canada research discovered that adults who’re iodine poor and have larger ranges of fluoride of their system have a higher danger of an underactive thyroid.

The Mexico research discovered moms with greater fluoride publicity throughout being pregnant have been extra probably to have youngsters with signs of ADHD. Each research have been revealed within the journal Environmental Worldwide.

A third research, revealed in Environmental Well being Views, discovered that amongst 1,566 pregnant ladies in Canada, fluoride ranges in urine have been virtually two occasions larger for ladies who lived in areas the place the component was added to their consuming water in contrast to pregnant ladies in areas with non-fluoridated water.

The research name into query the follow of purposely including fluoride to water or salt, which is completed to forestall cavities and, to a lesser extent, osteoporosis. Many cities within the U.S. and Canada add fluoride to public consuming water, and in Mexico, it’s added to some salt. Roughly 66% of individuals within the U.S. obtain consuming water with added fluoride, in accordance to the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC).

About 80% of fluoride publicity comes from water and drinks, akin to tea, which may leach fluoride from soil. Different sources embrace grapes and shellfish.

I have grave concerns about the health effects of fluoride exposure,” Ashley Malin, lead writer of the Canada thyroid research and a researcher on the Division of Environmental Drugs and Public Well being, Icahn Faculty of Drugs at Mount Sinai, informed EHN. “And not just from my study but the other studies that have come out in recent years.”

Fluoride Risks: Excessive Quantities of Fluoride Might Contribute to Thyroid Issues

Malin and colleagues had large quantities of data from the Canadian Well being Measure research. They checked out fluoride ranges within the urine of almost seven million Canadians, in addition to iodine deficiency and thyroid gland exercise.

They discovered Canadians who have been poor in iodine — a mineral essential for correct functioning of the thyroid — and who had excessive quantities of fluoride of their urine additionally had greater ranges of thyroid stimulating hormones. Elevated ranges of those hormones are a marker for a suppressed thyroid gland — generally referred to as hypothyroidism, a situation that may trigger a number of issues together with fatigue, disrupted coronary heart charges, and altered metabolism.

Small will increase in thyroid-stimulating hormones could be problematic, Malin stated.

“Someone doesn’t need to have full-blown hypothyroidism to have an elevation in [thyroid stimulating hormones]. Research is showing more and more that subclinical elevations are associated with bad health effects,” Malin stated.

Iodine helps flush fluoride from the physique, so a deficiency leaves the physique with extra fluoride, which has been proven to intrude with sure enzymes necessary for thyroid perform. This might clarify why solely iodine poor Canadians appeared delicate to fluoride impacts.

Malin stated 18% of the almost seven million individuals they studied have been iodine poor. “We’re talking about potentially [more than] a million people at risk of an underactive thyroid due to fluoride exposure.

Potential Advantages of Fluoride for Oral Well being

Father and daughter brushing their teeth in a mirror

However there are main well being advantages of fluoride in water. In accordance to the CDC, consuming fluoridated water reduces cavities (additionally referred to as tooth decay) by about 25% in youngsters and adults. The company named water fluoridation one among its “Ten Great Public Health Achievements” of the 20th Century.

Dr. Manish Arora, a dentist and Vice Chairman of the Division of Environmental Drugs and Public Well being on the Icahn Faculty of Drugs at Mount Sinai, informed EHN by way of e mail that it “…is important to balance these results with what we know about the benefits of water fluoridation as well.”

There have been tremendous gains in children’s oral health worldwide over the past decades that, at least in part, can be attributed to the beneficial effects of fluoride,” stated Arora, who was not concerned in any of the research launched at present however is collaborating with a number of the researchers on different tasks.

Whereas the brand new research doesn’t show fluoride impacts thyroid perform, earlier research have linked the component to decreased thyroid hormones, to elevated thyroid stimulating hormones, and an elevated probability of hypothyroidism and diabetes in adults.

Fluoride Risks: Moms with Excessive Fluoride Ranges Extra Doubtless to Have Youngsters with ADHD Signs

Pregnant woman with a glass of water

Within the different research revealed at the moment, researchers checked out 213 Mexican mother-children pairs and examined the moms’ urine fluoride ranges throughout being pregnant and assessed youngsters for attention-deficit/hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD) signs from ages six to 12. They discovered moms with larger ranges of fluoride throughout being pregnant have been extra probably to have youngsters with ADHD signs, particularly inattention.

It’s not clear from this research why fluoride might influence a toddler’s conduct, nevertheless it might be driving thyroid hormone insufficiency in pregnant moms (which may lead to issues of their unborn), or altering youngsters’s ranges of dopamine, which strikes alerts from nerve cells to the mind and is significant for behavioral improvement.

Christine Until, an affiliate professor and a researcher at York College, informed EHN one among her principal considerations is that pregnant ladies are vulnerable to iodine deficiency, which, in accordance to the research from Canada, might depart the mothers-to-be with thyroid issues.

Additionally, fluoride simply crosses the placenta from mom to her unborn. The research is just not the primary to discover a fluoride-behavioral hyperlink: A earlier research linked the component to ADHD in U.S. youngsters.

Dr. Howard Hu, a co-author of the Mexico research and an epidemiological researcher on the College of Washington, informed EHN the analysis from Canada on fluoride ranges in pregnant ladies “makes the results of this study from Mexico even more applicable to what might be going on in North America.”

Fluoride in Water: To Add or Not to Add?

The proof that fluoride might have damaging impacts on well being is constructing, Hu stated, including that one of many “most awkward features of this debate” is that it pits one department of public well being vs one other.

Arora stated, “As a dentist and environmental health scientist, I feel this is an opportune moment in our professions to have an honest discussion.”

“A question that is becoming increasingly important — is fluoridation of water supplies the best way to deliver the oral health benefits of fluoride?” Arora stated. “For me, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this. Socioeconomics, background risk, and other aspects of the community have to be considered, but now is the time to have the scientific debate.”

In a press release, the American Dental Affiliation informed EHN their Nationwide Fluoridation Advisory Committee would evaluation the brand new research, including that “public health policy is based on a collective weight of scientific evidence, not the results of a single (or few) studies. The ADA remains committed to fluoridation of public water supplies as the single most effective public health measure to help prevent tooth decay.”

Hu echoed Arora and stated the reply in shifting ahead with fluoride is extra nuanced than being pro- or anti-fluoride.

“Clearly this warrants additional research and consideration with how policies related to fluoride may need to be rethought,” Hu stated. “And not simply ‘do we use fluoride or not,’ but can we figure out a way to preserve the benefits while minimizing the potential adverse effects.”

Until stated she is “certain the safety of fluoride ingestion has not been proven.”

“The problem is that it’s an uncontrolled dose — everyone is exposed to different levels. It may be prudent for pregnant women to reduce ingesting fluoride during pregnancy.”

Editor’s Notice: What You Can Do About Fluoride in Water

Do you agree with the American Dental Affiliation when the group says that the “fluoridation of public water supplies” is “the single most effective public health measure to help prevent tooth decay”?

What about chopping down on soda pop and different types of sugar consumption? What a few weight loss plan wealthy in bone- and tooth-building vitamins?

At Meals Revolution Community, we’ve been repeatedly requested by our members what they will do if their water provide is fluoridated. One reply is to make sure that your public officers understand how you are feeling about this concern.

And for those who don’t need to ingest fluoride, and you’re consuming from a municipal water supply that’s fluoridated, you’ve got a number of choices. One is to purchase bottled water. However when achieved incessantly, that turns into costly and environmentally damaging.

An alternative choice is to filter your water to take away fluoride and different chemical compounds. Our members have requested us for suggestions for efficient and cheap water filtration strategies, and I wrote an article about it, right here. The underside line is that after in depth analysis, I concluded that the AquaTru offered the very best worth for the worth and represents considerably of a breakthrough. You will discover out extra about it, get a particular $100 low cost, and help our work on the similar time, utilizing this hyperlink.

Water fluoridation impacts all of us, so it’s essential to interact within the dialog. What do you assume?

Inform us within the feedback under:

  • Is including fluoride to consuming water a great factor, or a nasty factor?

  • What about toothpaste? Ought to fluoride be mandated, as it’s when it’s added to our water provides? Or ought to it’s a selection?

The evidence that fluoride may affect health negatively is growing. Do you want fluoride in your water?

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